September 6, 2002

Dear Mr. Miller (and company),

Enclosed please find my check as payment for your new valve section and a heavyweight gold-brass bell which I obtained from Chuck McAlexander of the BrassLab in New York City.

Chuck lent me the equipment in July of this year and I brought it with me on the Met tour of Europe last month. I played it exclusively for the whole two-week tour and was very pleased with it, as was the rest of the low brass section.

Your valve section is by far the best combination of sound, response and speed that I have ever played. I have played axial-flow valves of various designs for many years, as well as the new Hagman valve, and I have to say that your valve section is so much better that it's in another league.

As an associate with the Met Orchestra and principal trombone with New York City Opera I'm thrilled to finally have a horn that sounds great in the low register (not to mention the even-ness of sound all over the rest of the range of the horn).

Thank you for your great invention and keep up the good work!

Kindest regards,

Tom Hutchinson
Principal Trombone
New York City Opera